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Electric Filing for fun or for health?

I learnt how to Efile ( or electric file) years ago due to the volume of sets of nails that I was doing a week. After suffering with neck, shoulder issues , training to use a Efile was the BEST answer.

Now, im the one who is delivering the training. Select your Efile wisely, buying a very cheap file will give more vibrations on the nail plate and be unforgettable for your clients service. I use a Saeyang k38. It wasn’t cheap but it is by far an amazing file. Choose a file which give 20,000-30,000 rpm again your more likely to get this with the more mid-high price range.

One thing I would always suggest is that you MUST be qualified to use a Efile . Without certification you will not be insured to use it, if your client has a problem with you using your file, you will need to be insured.

I know once you have tried an Efile, you will not go back to manually filing off enhancements products !



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