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New Year, New Nails, New Career New You

Welcome to the year 2020, is this the year that you change your career path? Training in a new skill always uplifts our minds and sets Us on different pathways, I did exactly the same back in 2000, i’ve been a Beauty Therapist since 1991 and I was known for being a good waxer in my area. so when I was asked to train in acrylic nail enhancements I thought it would just be another string to my bow, but little did I know that one now course would change my whole career and my life!

it’s saw me become after years of dedication the education ambassador for CND for the East Midlands, . I trained lots of students from beginners to advanced it took me to Amsterdam and gave me the opportunity to train at the prestigious Ragdale Hall and Clarins stores. doing nails is what I love but training was where my passion was and this is how I ended up opening NNBA!

Come on be like me ,learn a new passion, learn a new skill and let it change your life because I know it well!




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